Korean Holidays: Old & New

Koreans celebrate both old and new holidays, as the country embraces Western influences and sentiments while adhering to her own. 

(Korean lunar dates are shown with *)

Traditional Holidays:

1/1* Suhl (설): Bowing to elders. On this day we eat: DDukgook. Yutnori

1/15* Dae Boleum (대보름): 1st Full moon. Wishing on the moon.

4/5 Hansik (한식): Honoring of ancestors and their wishes

5/5* Dano (단오)Wish for good harvest, gifting of fans to neighbors.

8/15* Choosuk (추석): Giving thanks to ancestors for harvest. Songpyeon is eaten on this day.

12/22 Dongji (동지): Longest night of the year. Red-bean porridge (patjuk) is eaten to ward off bad spirits.


Societal Holidays:

5/8 Parents’ Day: Celebration of filial piety. Gifting of carnations.

5/5 Children’s Day: Celebration of children & childhood.

5/15 Teacher’s Day: Teachers get celebrated with gratitude & gifts.

5/16 Adult Day: Celebration of a teen turning 18. The ‘adult’ receives perfume, a rose, and a kiss. (3rd Monday of May)

5/21 Husband&Wife Day: Symbolizes that 2-is-1. Husband gifts Wife red and/or pink roses.

10/2 Elders’ Day: A newly created holiday established in 1997 to raise awareness for the elderly.

10/9 Hangeul Day: Celebration of the invention of Hangul by King Sejong.


Lovers’ Holidays:

(Modern 80’s adoption to Korean culture, inspired by Valentine’s Day.)

1/14 Diary Day: Lovers gift diaries to each other.

2/14 Valentine’s Day: Koreans celebrate Valentine’s as well, except on this day, women gift chocolates to men. “What about women” you ask? Well, keep reading…

3/14 White Day: Boy gives chocolates to his valentine (in Korea, women gift chocolates to men for Valentine’s Day)

5/14 Rose Day: Gifting of roses.

6/14 Kiss Day: Gifting of kisses.

7/14 Silver Day: Gifting of silver, also called ring day

8/14 Green Day: Nature walk with lover

9/14 Photo Day: Photo with lover

10/14 Wine Day: Red wine with lover

11/14 Cookie Day: Gifting of cookies to lover or crush

12/14 Hug Day: Hug with lover


How many Korean holidays do YOU celebrate? 🙂 

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